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At the Library!-+

Boooored at the Library! My mom is having a meeting right now and I have no idea what to do. I've just been on the computer the whole time on Reddit and Facebook and decided to come on here for a change. Lol


Well I havent been on here in a while! I don't even remember all the codes and stuff... Whatever. HI! I've been doing pole vaulting in High School and it's been pretty fun. I just finished swimming and I've lettered in 2 sports already! Cross country and Swim. Hopefully track now! :)

A while...

Haven't been on here in a while.. :(:(
I still enjoy this website so much. I just want on here for a long time because of stupid highschool. SOOO MUCH STRESS I just want to punch my teachers in the face.. -.- jk but still, it is super hard. I'll post more(:

OMGG!!!</font> Just found out I made it into SeaSide Oregon for a overnight running meet! CAN'T WAIT!!

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Ran a 3K today! :) IT WAS SO HARD! I went up hills, down hills, and through WATER! I am so tired and I have to go to my Grandma's house to help her move out.. -_____-


HOLLY KRAPP!!! I haven't had any time at all these past few days to post on LJ. SORRY! I have done so much:

  • I went to a beach with my whole family for Labor Day

  • I had a humongous party with all my friends and family friends

  • I had so much to do with High School (Homework, school work, mornings, etc)


    • As you see, MY LIFE IS AN OVER LOAD right now. I am looking forward to posting more hopefully


Tonight is a FIESTA PARTAY!! It is a Mexican theme. We are having burritos, tacos, and fajitas! Having all of our family friends come and PARRTTYYYY!!!!!!!! There's gonna be MUSIC, FOOD, and FRIENDS! Can't wait. Getting ready for it right now. Had to put up Tiki Torches and cleaned every room.... EXHAUSTING!!! Hope I have enough energy for tonight(;
Look, I know this was posted by someone who speaks Russian. But this is basically the rebuild of Tesla's version of power when him and Enstine. Tesla's idea was to build wireless energy that could cover over 3 miles away from the tower. Enstine's theory was through wires. So they are finally coming to sense that Tesla's idea was a better idea than Enstine! I personally don't like Enstine.
Originally posted by rutower at Шуховская крыша ГМИИ - реставрация или реконструкция?
Оригинал взят у rutower в Шуховская крыша ГМИИ - реставрация или реконструкция?Из-за преступной бюрократической халатности может погибнуть уникальный памятник архитектуры и инженерного искусства  мирового уровня, признаваемый архитектурной общественностью Европы, включая Лорда Нормана Фостера и целый ряд авторитетов. Светопрозрачная металло-стеклянная крыша "Пушкинского музея" (ГМИИ им. А.С.Пушкина), построенная великим инженером и архитектором академиком Владимиром Григорьевичем Шуховым, может быть утрачена в процессе предстоящей реконструкции основного здания ГМИИ, так как в документах шедевр не оформлен как ПРЕДМЕТ ОХРАНЫ памятника. Вчера эту проблему на круглом столе в Центральном Доме Архитектора, посвящённом наследию академика В.Г.Шухова обсудили: Андрей Боков — президент Союза Архитекторов России, Салават Щербаков — Народный художник России, Сергей Ткаченко — Заслуженный архитектор Российской Федерации и Сергей Арсеньев — вице-президент Фонда развития науки, культуры и искусства «Шуховская башня»:

What I have to do tomorrow...

  • Wake up at 8

  • Run for about 2 hours

  • Come home and take a quick shower

  • Go to my sisters soccer game

    • All within 8-12....